Do further increases in fuel prices really are the only way to reduce world consumption of fuel and lessen pressure on the world’s fuel resources ?

If you consider fuel as an inelastic consumption product, well it’s not…

“Rising of the fuel prices” is one of the most important worldwide topics and there are lots of arguments about ways of decreasing the usage of fuels thus saving the resources. It is therefore argued that even though fuel prices have greatly increased over the last decade, it seems like the only way to save the world’s resources is the continuation of the augmentation of fuel prices, so the consumption will be decreased.

Firstly, not only for saving the resources but also to prevent global warming, it’s too important to find a solution which will reduce the consumption of fuels. Although price rising sounds sensible, the sustainability of this method is suspicious. The underlying reason of that is, expensive prices will not change anything, whether or not people will continue to consume fuels because this consumption doesn’t depend on desires. Transportation is an obligation for society, so to make them use less of their individual cars, finding new ways to promote them to use public transportations would be more effective.

In addition, increasing fuel prices wouldn’t only affect the society but the whole economy would have a serious damage. First and foremost, the commerce and even entertainment sector is connected with fuels whereas by saving the resources, the main idea was probably finding a way to protect the economy. Eventually, that should make governments find alternatives to fuel resources, for instance renewable energies, so they can keep the sustainability of their economy.

In conclusion, decreasing the usage of fuel resources isn’t possible with increasing the fuel prices, or at least that wouldn’t have a long-time effect. To realize that, governments should change the method of their energy production. If people start to use renewable energy for instance sun, wind etc., rising prices wouldn’t be a necessity. Also, they should find logical ways to promote public transportation, therefore they can save resources, plus save the planet by preventing global warming.