What would be the status of individuals and governments while protecting the wildlife round the world?

“Recently published figures show that the wildlife population around the world has decreased by around fifty per cent over the last fifty years.”

Undoubtedly while humanity is growing, it keeps the role of being the biggest menace for wildlife. The reduction of wildlife population around the world has decreased by around fifty per cent is a ratio which is too easy to believe in. I wish to say fifty per cent would be the highest level but admittedly as long as people think they have their own rights on wildlife, decreasing of wildlife population won’t stop.

To help protect the wildlife, above all we need to understand that nongovernmental organizations must lead the first necessity. There is a powerful majority which is attacking to wildlife for their benefices; killing animals for furs, destroying forests to build. This majority is so powerful that they create their own despotism and leave nothing to do for individuals. The underlying reason here is about a sociological background. Tocqueville suggests that the only way to beat despotism of majority is to stop being an individual and start being a part of nongovernmental organizations. Therefore, we can fight against to the tyranny of majority and create our chances to save wildlife. With this in mind we can give WWF for an example to nongovernmental organization who works to save wildlife especially for endangered animals.

On the other hand, those nongovernmental organizations may not be enough against the blindness of those despots. Awareness of public is great but it appears that this mostly depends on the ideology of the governments. If the governments realize the fact that in case they won’t stop doing nothing about the situation, not just wildlife, our hall lives will be in danger overall.

In conclusion, after that realization of those facts, a governmental organization which is like united nations would have bigger effect to protect wildlife, above all governments should wake up themselves and start to take actions. This essay proves that governments should also take provisions for protecting the wildlife.Including the support of the nongovernmental organizations, the components of those two communities, will be able to protect the wildlife.


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